No Win No Fee Negligence Claim

No win no fee professional negligence claim arrangements are beneficial, as they allow people from under privileged backgrounds to access legal services. In a no win no fee professional negligence claim arrangement, you only have to pay your legal fees if you win compensation and the fees are taken from your winnings, so really, nothing is lost.

However, if you lose, the winning side pays your legal fees, hence the term ‘no win no fee’, meaning if you do not win, you pay no legal fees for your professional negligence claim.

Controversy Surrounding No Win No Fee

There is controversy surrounding the no win no fee professional negligence claim arrangements because many legal companies use it as a way to draw the attention of people who do not necessarily have a wide knowledge of what the agreement entails. It sounds good for sure, but what are the more serious implications of agreeing to a no win no fee arrangement for a professional negligence claim?

Legal Expenses Insurance

You may wish to purchase legal expenses insurance in the event that your claim is unsuccessful. You may already have an insurance policy that protects you against instances such as losing in a no win no fee case. It is worth reading the terms of your other insurance policies if you have any, for instance, home insurance and car insurance policies often carry with them legal expenses insurance.

Negative Implications of No Win No Fee

There are some negative implications to the no win no fee arrangement. Solicitors may pick and chose which cases they want to work on based on their easiness and clear black and white appearance. In this light, no win no fee arrangements are bad because they exclude people who have more difficult problems that require legal assistance.

A further negative consequence of the no win no fee deal may be the emergence of a culture that seeks to claim compensation for anything and everything. However, this is not the case in professional negligence claims, where professionals must be upheld to the highest standards expected of them.